Sunday couch jumping

It’s Sunday, and I’m officially free to go home. But instead, I found myself sleeping on three different couches, one of them possibly previously owned by Ms. Regine Velasquez. Possibly. And it just made me realize how I am not really home most of the time, and how inconsiderate I am as a daughter. The thing is, I really have no right to complain every time my mom asks me to go home already. Because, even if I don’t, nothing really happens to me– no allowance withheld, no clothes thrown out of the balcony, no burned books on the lawn. It just makes her sad that I am not beside her when she goes to sleep. She keeps telling me that she gets these nightmares every time I don’t sleep beside her, but that could just as might well be a ploy to make me go home and be the hero. As much as I would like to comfort her, I don’t feel compelled to go home right now.

I feel right at home where I am now, so why bother? I hope you’re safe and comfy at home, my friend. 🙂


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