Meet me at the Sagittarius

I have officially started my internship at CBN Asia, Inc. And the office happens to be in the Sagittarius building in Makati. I really felt like a working girl, walking down the street with the so-called corporate herd. But who am I kidding? I look nothing like them– in my plaid shirt, denim jeans, and espadrilles, I look like an activist looking for a building to picket against.

It’s been a long time coming since I applied there last year, but I wasn’t really able to start due to some intervening factors. Read as dengue fever, delayed endorsement letter and thesis proposal.  I have been assigned where I have been previously assigned, in the Special Projects. Supposedly, I will be a part of the team handling the administrative and creative aspects of Super Book Reimagined. 80’s and 90’s kids should know what this is– if not, at least you should have heard of it and The Flying House. I am really excited for this project, and I am really looking forward to glorifying God through my service and the success of this children’s television program. 🙂

But we all have to start somewhere… simple. Most of what I did at the office today was looking for the contact details of celebrities and personalities we were eyeing to be “Super Book Ambassadors.” So, yeah. Not much excitement there, but I pretty much got the job done before lunch time so I had the whole afternoon to study the history of the original Super Book and The Flying House animated series and watch the available episodes of the remake. Honestly, I like the old animated series better, and Gizmo was way cuter before  when he looked like the long-lost cousin of R2-D2.

I knew my day, and my internship, was definitely off to a good start when I had my first discussion group with the Research & Development team. One of my favorite bible verses was featured in their devotionals:

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom.

Ecclesiastes 9:10 (NIV)

It’s my first time to share my bare thoughts with a group of women whom I just met– and to pray for them, too. This group is comprised of women who are at least a generation older than me, with husbands and children of their own, with careers and taxables that are still very foreign to me. Most of them thought that I was a 12-year old kid who is overly eager to work, and I really can’t say if that was a compliment at all. Maybe I just remind them of their children? Either way, the discussion proved  encouraging for me. It felt like God was telling me that this is where I ought to be right now and that I should be more grateful for the opportunities that God has afforded me.

Being educated and young, most of the people in my generation feel entitled to a lot of things– a fabulous entry level job, a five-digit salary, over-the-top benefits, and our fill of Apple products and accessories –and we won’t settle for anything less than stellar. But, after months of courting internships and possible job opportunities, I realize that it’s not bound to happen in my first year  of employment. And I’m grateful that it won’t, for it gives me a chance to humble myself. I know I have skills and talents to share, but I also must recognize that I’m not all that. God is all that, and more. And this is where God has put me right now, and I am grateful and enthusiastic for the opportunity. Had it been just me, I would definitely be somewhere else, disappointed again at another seemingly boring and unglamorous internship.

Whatever we might be doing right now, let’s do it as if it’s for the Lord– not for the money, not for the prestige, and not even for the padded resume. It might be hard and seemingly unrewarding, but I encourage you to give it a shot. It would be worthwhile, my friend. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Meet me at the Sagittarius

    • Haha. Feel ko, default entry ng mga nagsisimula sa work and stuff. Lalo na kung galing sa universities, we feel that we know everything. The first day is indeed the hardest because it’s also the most humbling. Lamunan ng pride! Rawr. :3

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