Still searching for the true joy of Christmas? Maybe we have been looking for it in all the wrong places. Let us give Jesus a try. 😀

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Christian tradition holds the third Sunday of advent as the Gaudete Sunday. Gaudete of course comes from Latin, which means, ‘rejoice’, or for the sake of being more imperative, ‘experience joy’. As a young boy listening to the preacher, I said to myself, “Hmm… that ought to be easy!”

As a kid, joy was a rather simple concept. Joy was having a cone of my favorite ice cream, or going downstairs to find the toy I’ve been eyeing for weeks now sitting on our dining table as a reward for good grades. Joy was sitting inside the cinema to watch my heroes save the day. It was the bite of caramelized popcorn. It was seeing my red cape swoosh through the air as I jump from a flight of stairs. It was being given the honor, among a hundred nursery kids, to hold up the tip of the flag during…

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Where do you get your joy this holiday season? 😀

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Christmas is nothing withoooouuuut… ________!

I heard this phrase earlier today in a TV commercial. In that advertisement, a group of people filled in the blank. Some answered “Christmas is nothing without the gifts, the carols, giving, the small and big gatherings.” If I would  answer it, it will be the gifts, noche buena and parties! How about you, how will you answer that question?

I am not rooting against all of these things, I’d love to see and experience them as well. It brings the spirit of Christmas in me. It’s nostalgic! After all, these are all just our way of expressing joy to ourselves and love for others.

But this thought came to mind: what about people who suffered great loss before the season? A week ago, a Typhoon Bopha, locally known as Pablo, hit the bottom part of the Philippines, leaving around hundreds of people homeless and…

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In the midst of all our holiday preparations, do we take time to remember what Christmas is really for? Another amazing entry at Stillwaters blog by Samantha Coronado.

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Being the Secret Santa to my boss was quite challenging — I had to make a greeting card. What do I draw? Golden bells, singing choirs, snowmen, and lighted candles? These are too cliche that I was forced to dig deeper to find the truth about Christmas. Underneath all the merry-making and cheery feelings, how do I illustrate it?

The picture I came up with, however, was quite depressing. The anticipation for the birth of Jesus is hidden behind fake pine trees and cherubs. The gifts and feasts appeared too picture-perfect to actually be served. The blushing Claus and flying reindeer do not even exist. These decorations are what we have come to call Christmas. Merry, but meaningless.

What an amazing choice He made, for the King to become human and dwell among our cluttered world and cluttered hearts. Then, and until now. Even after he lived and died…

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Will probably write a flash-fiction about a suicidal sheep who changed his mind when he saw the light from the manger. Or about how unhygienic it would be to be born in a manger. Whatever floats His boat. :))

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Christmas lights and decorations. Check! Gift list for kris kringles. Check! Travel destination for the holidays. Check!

Reflecting on the Savior’s birth… checked?


Stillwaters Blog is inviting you to intentionally ponder what Christ’s coming means for you thru the Advent Challenge: Blog Edition.

Every week, we will have a theme for our posts where you can share your thoughts relating to Christmas. This week will be about Faith, next week is about Hope, and the week after will be about Love (see 1 Corinthians 13:13).

We know you’re creative. That’s why your contributions could be in the form of a story, poetry, photography, digital art, essay, comics, videos, songs — whatever inspired means! But we highly encourage that you really take time to meet the Lord in your secret place. Other than that, it’s as easy as e-mailing your piece to

Let’s anticipate not just the festive holidays but…

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