Will probably write a flash-fiction about a suicidal sheep who changed his mind when he saw the light from the manger. Or about how unhygienic it would be to be born in a manger. Whatever floats His boat. :))

Stillwaters Blog

Christmas lights and decorations. Check! Gift list for kris kringles. Check! Travel destination for the holidays. Check!

Reflecting on the Savior’s birth… checked?


Stillwaters Blog is inviting you to intentionally ponder what Christ’s coming means for you thru the Advent Challenge: Blog Edition.

Every week, we will have a theme for our posts where you can share your thoughts relating to Christmas. This week will be about Faith, next week is about Hope, and the week after will be about Love (see 1 Corinthians 13:13).

We know you’re creative. That’s why your contributions could be in the form of a story, poetry, photography, digital art, essay, comics, videos, songs — whatever inspired means! But we highly encourage that you really take time to meet the Lord in your secret place. Other than that, it’s as easy as e-mailing your piece to stillwoblogs@gmail.com.

Let’s anticipate not just the festive holidays but…

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