Project 365: January 4

Quote for January 4My biggest surprise for the day: I actually own some titles from the Pop Culture and Philosophy series. This quote is from an essay by Mark White for the X-Men and Philosophy volume. It’s actually a very interesting read, and I never fully realized how complicated some comic book characters were until I followed this series. Some titles from the series include Iron Man and Philosophy (“Facing the Stark Reality!”) and Watchmen and Philosophy. 😀


How are you welcoming the new year, my friend? 😀

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I’m not a fan of noises so I would rather welcome the new year solemnly. A loving whisper of a new beginning is enough.

It’s been a roller coaster ride for me in the past year and it sure would be again for the coming one and the next. I’m grateful for finishing another round of the ride, with the ups and downs and twists and turns, whew! I barely made it. Still, I thank God for the good things and the bad. They molded me into a better person, though I do not quite see it much myself.

I thank Him for never letting me go in the midst of my falling and failure; for being the One who holds me tight when I loosely held unto Him. And I’m still in the process of taking in all that just happened: remembering, reminiscing and realizing how God has…

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Project 365: January 2

Quote for January 2


I have realized that using quotes from page 365 would not work for most of the books that I actually like, so I have tweaked my preferences a little bit while still retaining the 365 element to the page system. So now I look for quotes from the following pages: 36, 41 (36+5), 65, 68 (65+3), and lastly, 365. I found that it was a better scheme since I would have more quotes to choose from.

This quote in particular stood out for me for two reasons: 1) I have recently watched The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers again, on HBO and on Blu-Ray (that’s about 8 hours of my life right there), and 2) I just adore Treebeard and I was secretly wishing that I could use this particular quote (or is it line? or scene?). Already excited for Day 3! 😀

Just another 365 days thing

Quote for January 1

It’s already a new year on my side of the planet and the undeniable urgency of certain things suddenly dawned on me the moment I woke up today (read as: thesis). As my mind was scrambling for a semblance of organization and my hands were mindlessly typing some words on chat boxes, I saw a post by my friend Samantha. No, it’s not a personal diatribe but a site showcasing the projects some people vowed to do for every day of the year, hence the title “Make Something 365 & Get Unstuck.”

Most people feel stuck all the time– with their work, relationships, and the slew of decisions that they have made. As the year ends, while we look back on the good memories that the year has brought, we also can’t help but ponder on our regrets. But the new year brings with it the promise that, indeed, we can get unstuck from the quagmire we have been in. We can start over. (But, no. That does not mean that I am going to start my thesis all over again, okay? What needs to be overhauled is a sense of responsibility.)

The 365 days project could be as simple as taking a photo of cute babies everyday or as complicated as making owl figurines out of, let’s say, broken uncooked pasta. It could be anything, as long as it encourages you to be creative. I really want to do something simple, yet still thoroughly stimulating. If anything, the two things I feel rather proud to be doing on my spare time are reading books and tinkering with Photoshop. (The other things  I do but am not proud of includes sleeping, eating a lot of salty chips, and watching way too much Spongebob Squarepants.)

So, I have decided to do “365 Quotes from page 365.” (And, yes. Some of my books are that thick.) I have already started with a quote from the Holy Bible. It’s on page 365 of my Bible, the one that I am personally using right now. Not only is it a great quote to start this project, but it also serves as a great promise for us this coming year. May you have a great and prosperous new year, my friend! 🙂

“His infinite forgiveness is free as much as it frees. Will you let His Love come alive in you?”
As the new year comes, how would you respond to His call? 🙂

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How many kings step down from their thrones?
How many lords have abandoned their homes?
How many greats have become the least for me?
How many gods have poured out their hearts
To romance a world that is torn all apart
How many fathers gave up their sons for me?

-How Many Kings, Downwhere

Years ago, the Christmas spirit meant the December breeze, the smell of roasted ham, and the twinkling lights at home. It felt good, sentimental, and peaceful.

But this year, I find that the Christmas spirit descended like an intense, awestruck feeling upon the realization of the Savior’s birth. The reality of the first Christmas was not a warm home, a full belly, and new gifts by midnight. Instead, it was a cold, bloody, and smelly scene. Perhaps even the grittiest Nativity figures of today would appear too clean and too pretty!

Mary had to travel pregnant…

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