Project 365: January 4

Quote for January 4My biggest surprise for the day: I actually own some titles from the Pop Culture and Philosophy series. This quote is from an essay by Mark White for the X-Men and Philosophy volume. It’s actually a very interesting read, and I never fully realized how complicated some comic book characters were until I followed this series. Some titles from the series include Iron Man and Philosophy (“Facing the Stark Reality!”) and Watchmen and Philosophy. 😀


2 thoughts on “Project 365: January 4

  1. I don’t have a copy of those titles yet. Is Supervillains and Philosophy any good? (Meaning, did it really talk about the complexity of these Supervillains rather than overgeneralize their madness.) I very much prefer the more specific ones in the series, like X-Men and Philosophy. At least there’s more focus compared to talking about the whole arsenal of Superheroes. 🙂

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