Superbook Madness!

Relive the greatest story ever told!

Get ready as Superbook, the highly-acclaimed animated Bible series, treats you to a fun family bonding event—Superbook Reimagined! Be among the select few to preview the new Superbook, now digitally animated for the new generation!

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My apologies if all of the recent stuff I have are “work-related“. I just really want to promote this event. Please do support CBN Asia as it tries to bring this new animated series in the Philippines. I loved this cartoons when I was a kid, and it really helped in making me enjoy the Bible more. Please pray with me for the success of this event. Thanks. 😀

Superbook Reimagined!


Meet me at the Sagittarius

I have officially started my internship at CBN Asia, Inc. And the office happens to be in the Sagittarius building in Makati. I really felt like a working girl, walking down the street with the so-called corporate herd. But who am I kidding? I look nothing like them– in my plaid shirt, denim jeans, and espadrilles, I look like an activist looking for a building to picket against.

It’s been a long time coming since I applied there last year, but I wasn’t really able to start due to some intervening factors. Read as dengue fever, delayed endorsement letter and thesis proposal.  I have been assigned where I have been previously assigned, in the Special Projects. Supposedly, I will be a part of the team handling the administrative and creative aspects of Super Book Reimagined. 80’s and 90’s kids should know what this is– if not, at least you should have heard of it and The Flying House. I am really excited for this project, and I am really looking forward to glorifying God through my service and the success of this children’s television program. 🙂

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